Zack Boles

Zack Boles grew up in Houston, Texas. Always the Class Clown, he knew from an early age that radio was the business for him.. Blessed with a voice that belies his 3’6″ stature, a wicked sense of humor and an ability to do funny voices, Zack soon discovered there was no money in radio. But doing voice-overs for commercials…. That’s a different story. Zack has been a full-time voice for commercials since 1981. He owns and operates “Studio Z” a plush recording studio in Sacramento, California with lots of vintage gear, 2 toilets, and a pinball machine. He rides his Vespa rain or shine. (Scooter Taliban) And as long as he has his own teeth, he will be making funny noises and sounding like he knows what he’s talking about. Did you hear that irritating dog yapping all night long last night? That was Zack. Hey not on the carpet Rudolf!