DC Goode

DC Goode (Dennis B Goode), is the veritable “Red Headed Step Child” of the entertainment biz. He was “bit by the radio bug” in the 60’s after seeing a local DJ sitting in an air conditioned studio, playing Rock n Roll … and actually getting paid for it.  Oh the horror of it!  Oh maybe that the whore of it …. anyway …. Before escaping to Northern Calif in the mid 90’s, he had worked on the air around Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Salem, Oregon and then of course, the law caught up with him.  He worked DJ’ing, emceeing, singing and doing standup, in niteclubs, Disneyland, civic events, concerts and the occasional Greyhound Bus depot. He also dabbled in some acting,  his recent credits have either been as a dead guy … or one of the Coroner guys that fetch the dead guy. Sensing a theme here anyone? Additionally, he also spent many a year building radio station studios and transmitter sites … cuz when D.C.  got into radio … you had to know most of that stuff.  And for those of you still ticked about “ Radio Consolidation”?  Yes, you can blame him …. a little bit anyway. D.C. is one of those familiar voices on Pooty that plant those glorius “seeds for your soul” quotes and other silliness.

No officer … he went that way I think ….