Steve Warren

Another old 50+ year radio potato (veteran) Steve Warren is our resident Computer Guru. Pooty is made up of tens upon tens of thousands of audio elements … and Steve is the one who helps us wrangle all those cats. He first went on the air in 1964 … which is amazing since he was only 3 ½ years old … anyway he served as air personality, Program Director and Station Manager in over 12 markets large and small.

Steve specialized in Country radio and was the founder of the “Hot Country” format … so if you hate Hot Country you now who to blame. Steve started his own Consulting business in 81’ and later founded Music One a music scheduling software program that is now used by hundreds of radio stations worldwide. Throughout his long and varied broadcast career he has touched damn near every base radio has to offer. Pootwaddle relies on him daily to keep us organized and continually “crazy as a loon.”