Don Wright

We would tell you Don is the son of Curtis and Edna Wong … but of course, you already know 2 Wong’s don’t make a Wright … so we won’t. Another 40+ year broadcaster, Donald has been a partner of Michael’s for nearly the entire time … having programmed and produced some very successful radio stations over the years, including Earth Radio 102 KSFM in Sacramento and rock legend KSJO in San Jose. Bringing his formidable talents as a voice actor, audio restorationist, cartoonist, musician, guitar-maker, writer and producer to bear Don, is just the kind of human lump that makes Planet Pootwaddle what it is today …. hungry! Did we mention much of the music you hear on the Ol’ Pooter is a result of Don’s amazing ability to pick a hit and of course, his keen sense of smell too. As you can hear Donald state on the air …. “Dig it or simply fug off!”